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There are many ways to care for your family. You can look after a good relationship by spending time together. You can take care of a good atmosphere with the little things. You can take care of its peace, if these things are affordable. You can care for the well-being of family members, serving them healthy meals. You can take care of their satisfaction by putting something delicious on their plates. You can take care of harmony, letting everyone choose what is best for them.

At FITBACK FOOD & FAMILY restaurant, all these needs will be met in one fell swoop. Our restaurant was created for what is most important to us: for the family, health and joy of being together.

Here, nobody has to give up on their needs and desires. When we designed the menu, we were guided by one thought: to create an offer that would satisfy the whole family, leaving them full and happy. That’s why our menu, among the appetizers, soups, salads and main dishes, also offers something for both steak fans, pasta lovers, foodies watching their weight, as well as people on various diets (e.g., vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or ketogenic), for whom our dietitian has prepared a special offer. He has calculated the calories for guests who want to maintain or return to a fit figure. All this at affordable prices – it is important for us that everyone can afford to eat healthy and wisely.

We also took care of the needs of the youngest foodies. Our menu includes chicken lollipops! On top of that, fries baked in the oven, or a healthier version of your favorite little treat. And when your kids are full, they can play in a specially designed corner of magnificence, giving the parents a few moments for themselves.

The cherry on top are our desserts – not only delicious and pleasant for the eye, but also prepared according to the idea of fit. Some of our cakes do not contain flour or sugar (for example, sweet potato or orange cake).

All the dishes are homemade – including cakes and bread. We also offer coffee from specially baked beans.

Healthy on the run

We know that sometimes it is difficult to find time to eat a meal in a restaurant. We also know that the more we live on the run, the more important a healthy, balanced diet is. It gives this wonderfully designed machine, our body, the right fuel for hard work.

That is why, additionally to the restaurant section, we have a take-away area where you can stock up on our salads, bagels, baguettes, desserts and cakes and run off to work or school, or return home.

The most important meal of the day is breakfast. Properly balanced, it sets our body in motion and provides energy for the first part of the day. We serve our breakfasts from 6:30 am – both in the restaurant and take-away areas.



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